Adult Literacy Jobs – Are You Interested in a Career in Remedial Education?

Adult literacy teachers are responsible for teaching adults and older youths how to read, write, and to speak English, in addition to teaching them basic mathematics skills, so that they can become active participants in society, and receive employment. There are three main categories of educators which include remedial, adult secondary, and English literacy.English literacy training is responsible for teaching illiterate individuals and foreigners how to speak English as a second language, while adults secondary education is based around helping students receive their general educational development certification. Adult basic education is based on improving the skills of grown ups with an educational level below the eighth grade.The courses that a remedial educator will teach usually include such subjects as mathematics, history, writing, size, languages, and life skills, and these courses are usually taken by students who are over 16 years of age. Most teachers will make student assessments beforehand in order to learn precisely what skills that their pupils will require.Basic educators may also help students acquire study skills and self confidence, in addition to helping them overcome any physical or learning disabilities that they may have. A GED is usually essential in order to obtain a job, and some instructors will specialize in getting students ready to take this exam, so that they can obtain their diploma.Adult literacy teachers will usually have much more satisfying work than those who work in primary and secondary schools, as they are mostly dealing with highly motivated students who want to learn. Most remedial instructors will work part time, with adult classes held during nights and weekends in order to accommodate job and family responsibilities.A bachelors degree is usually required in order to become an adult instructor, but others may require a masters degree depending on the state in which they are teaching. Most states in America have specific licensing for adult education teachers, which include the completion of a special training program.In 2006, remedial educators had about 76,000 jobs in America, with a large number of these working as unpaid volunteers. Most of these jobs are funded by the Federal government in order to improve the quality of living of distressed communities. The job outlook over the next ten years is expected to be bright, with English as a second language teachers experiencing the largest boom in growth.In 2006, the middle 50th percentile of literacy educators made between $32,660 and $57,310.