Gallstones Alternative Treatment – Vitamin C is Effective

There is much controversy about the treatment of gallstones by surgery methods. A lot of medical practitioners contend that patients need not be subjected to undergo painful and expensive open surgery. In some parts of the world, gallstones alternative treatments have been effective in removing stones.Gallstones are formed due to the under production of the bile digestive juices in the gallbladder. As a result, the excessive cholesterol that the liver passed on to the gallbladder has overpowered the levels of bile.This occurrence results to the solidification of bile juices in as much as there is now a higher level of cholesterol present. Other substances that contribute to the stone formation are calcified or hardened bile salts.Based on these studies, medical researchers and experts have since come up with gallstones alternative treatment which can achieve reversal of the cholesterol effects in the gallbladder.In order to counter this effect, it is important for the gallbladder to produce more bile to neutralize hardened bile salts as well as dissolve the existing gallstones. One gallstones alternative treatment recommended and said to be proven as effective is by drinking apple and lemon juice mixture.The concoction contains a lot of Vitamin C which is said to be capable of transforming cholesterol into bile. Hence, the more Vitamin C levels in the gallbladder, the more bile is produced to dissolve the existing stones.As gallstones alternative treatment, the mixture of apple and lemon should be taken for three consecutive days to be effective and is expected to produce results within three days. The sufferer will be able to flush out his gallstones through his urine on the third day, because by this time the stones would have been dissolved.Considering the effect of this remedy, an alternative gallstone treatment to be effective should likewise achieve the Vitamins C’s ability to flush out the hardened bile liquids. Here are other treatment procedures to consider as your alternative method in eliminating the gallstone formations within your gallbladder:1. Drinking plenty of water everyday since water aids the liver in flushing out toxins and cholesterol instead of having to deal with excessive levels of fat contents. Water constantly provides a cleansing effect in the liver by removing toxins and other detrimental elements.2. Refrain from eating meat, junk food, oily food and eggs since they will heighten the cholesterol levels in your liver. The less fatty acid the liver has to deal with, the less cholesterol is transferred to the gallbladder. This will ensure that your alternative gallstone treatment will not be countered by constantly increasing levels of cholesterol.3. Indulge in vegetarian meals since vegetables are rich in iron, protein, calcium and other vitamins; all have positive influences in promoting bile production. Eat only in small portions to allow for slow digestion and food breaking down processes.The above discussions and suggestions for alternative gallstone treatments are only for purposes of information. It is still the best practice to consult your doctor in getting your gallbladder diagnosed. Based on this, the doctor can recommend the best treatment options available.